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The Secret of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Secret of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The newest massage therapy on the scene is lymphatic drainage massage services USA. Intense lymphatic drainage massages can be more so than Swedish massages. However, completely exhilarating or merely restorative, depending on the client’s preferred level. Even while you’re resting face down with your eyes closed, a lymphatic drainage massage immediately calms and relaxes a stressed-out or stiff body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Translating to “the science of life,” Yoga is an ancient Eastern art form that is the source of Lymphatic Drainage Massage. The lymphatic system is involved in immunological response, digestion, and detoxification. This is the basis for lymphatic drainage massage.

By using lymphatic drainage to relieve tight muscles and stiffness, you can relax and soothe other discomforts. In your body, the lymphatic system functions like a sieve. Your body can transport the “clear” fluid to the skin’s surface, where it is expelled when you move, with the help of a lymphatic drainage massage.

Using this massage technique helps by gently pressing on the muscles in the face from the top down. It tends to lessen facial puffiness and give your skin a revitalizing glow while defying gravity.

During the session, clients experience a mild tingling sensation as toxins are eliminated from the soft tissue, resulting in a smoother, softer area with the rejuvenation of up to 100 micro-capillaries.

Medical Benefits

Lymphatic drainage therapy tends to expedite the transfer and osmosis of lymphatic fluids in the body. Toxins, bacteria, viruses, proteins, and many other elements are present in lymphatic fluids.

Lymphedema: It has worked wonders for anyone suffering from any kind of lymphatic system disease. Following surgery, this medication also appears to lessen post-operative inflammation in patients. This therapy is also recommended by certain professionals to treat eczema, intestinal disorders, and acne.

Mastectomy: Following a mastectomy, which involves removing breast tissue to treat or prevent breast cancer, some patients may develop lymphedema. LDM can lessen the symptoms following surgery.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: People with rheumatoid arthritis are more prone to have expedition syndrome and impaired lymph flow. From edema of the tissues to an increase in joint pain and loss of essential capabilities. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can be lessened by LDM.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI): Is caused by problems with the vein walls and valves in the legs. impairing the heart’s and legs’ blood flow. Blood flow among CVI patients can rise quickly with LMD.

Type Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The following are the four primary forms of lymphatic drainage massage that are practiced globally, according to physicians and therapists.

  • Vodder: This method involves sweeping the working area several times.

  • Foldi: It is a progression of the earlier method. For best effects, your massage therapist will alternate between circular strokes and moments of relaxation.

  • Casley-Smith: This method uses the sides and palms of the hands to expressly make circular hand gestures.

  • Leduc: The goal of this lymphatic drainage method is to gather fluid and then send it to the larger lymphatic system for reabsorption.

The same basic idea underlies all of the previously discussed techniques: using light hand movements to stretch the skin and reroute lymph flow. A 15- to 60-minute massage is possible with this session.


Typically, lymphatic drainage massage is performed by specialists and licensed therapists. Pick a licensed therapist instead if you’re taking it for medical reasons. Your massage therapist will initially begin by applying light pressure using tapping, stroking, rubbing, and pushing. To stretch the skin in a specific direction and promote lymphatic drainage, all of these exercises are performed with flat hands and fingers.

Similar to this, gentle brushing motions are used on your face during a lymphatic drainage facial. Because of this, your lymphatic drainage is typically longer than your body’s. However, they both do extensive breathing exercises.

Is Lymphatic Massage Safe

A healthcare physician should be consulted if you experience any of the following symptoms, even though LDM is generally safe:

  • Possibility of blood clots
  • Valvular heart failure
  • An enlivened lymphatic infection
  • Swelling without aprioristic.

How Often Can You Go For An Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

LDM can be subtly incorporated into your skincare routine. You can visit once or twice a week to see noticeable effects. Following the therapy, concurrently apply a facial serum. Before beginning your appointment, be sure to select a Certified Massage Therapist USA.

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