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Post-Op Surgery Massage

The Benefits of Post-Op Surgery Massage Services USA

A special kind of massage called lymphatic drainage massage helps speed up recovery following cosmetic surgery. The lymphatic channels are disrupted following cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, arm, thigh, and Brazilian butt lifts (BBL); it takes the channels two to three months to heal. Swelling is also caused by lymphatic fluids that have accumulated following surgery. After one to three weeks following surgery, the residual fluid and fat may also begin to solidify.

After liposuction, a stomach tuck, or BBL, lymphatic drainage massages (LDM) are crucial to accelerating your recuperation and optimizing your cosmetic outcomes. In addition to treating seromas, fibrosis (the development of scar tissue) is prevented by LDM, which also eliminates toxins and metabolic waste that have been stored in the tissues. By reducing lymphatic fluid retention, the post-operative LDM treatment will give you firmer skin. Infrared sauna detoxification, hand manipulation lymphatic drainage, electrostatic polarization lymphatic drainage, ultrasonic cavitation therapy, LED pain light therapy, and other tools to support fluid breakdown are all part of our treatment plan. 

Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Do you plan to have a tummy tuck or CoolSculpting procedure? If this is the case, you might want to think about receiving a Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) after surgery to expedite your recuperation and lessen any transient side effects.

Tummy tucks and other body contouring techniques like CoolSculpting are undoubtedly successful in slimming the contours of the body. But occasionally, they can harm the lymph vessels in and around the treated area, which causes swelling and inflammation. This fluid is redirected into your lymphatic system with the assistance of LDM. 

Additionally, your body needs to rid itself of the fat cells that were destroyed during a CoolSculpting treatment. Your body uses your lymphatic system to eliminate the fat cells in order to accomplish this.

Lymph does not have a heart to pump it throughout your body like blood does as it circulates through your blood vessels. Rather, it depends on movements of the body to initiate the process. Here’s where massage therapy can help.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Services

This is a unique form of Post op surgery massage that helps the body’s lymphatic system function more efficiently. Your appointment would take place in a massage therapy room. This kind of massage is very relaxing to most people. This is because stimulating the lymphatic system causes the parasympathetic nervous system to become active, which makes you feel especially at ease. It’s possible that you’ll nod off during your treatment.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

LDM can reduce post-procedure pain and discomfort and shorten the recovery period after your procedure. Your pain decreases as your swelling does. In addition to relieving pain, this kind of massage also triggers a relaxation response that quiets your mind.

After a procedure, lumpy areas can be smoothed out with the aid of lymphatic drainage massage. An accumulation of fluid and blood in the treatment area is the cause of this lumpiness. Fluid balance provided by LDM helps to even out the treated area.

Anyone with excessive swelling that does not go better can benefit from LDM. Those who have swelling in areas other than the treated area, such as their ankles, can also benefit from it.

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