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Post-op Plastic Surgery Care

Post-op Plastic Surgery Care Services

Surgery is just one step in the process of becoming the best version of yourself. The procedure itself is not as significant as the recuperation phase. With any procedure, making sure you heal completely is crucial to ensuring you get the most out of your care.

Throughout your journey toward aesthetic goals, our team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Memorial Post plastic surgery care will provide you with guidance. To guarantee a successful and uneventful recovery, we make certain that each patient is provided with comprehensive post-operative instructions.

Important Plastic Surgery Aftercare Tips

Set Your Expectations

Your surgeon will discuss the best course of action with you at the initial consultation and provide you with an optimal treatment plan. You can use this to help you set reasonable expectations for the process.

Take It Easy

After plastic surgery, recovery requires a great deal of patience. It is normal for patients to feel uncomfortable during the initial days. Doctors strongly advise against engaging in any strenuous activities during this time to prevent further trauma to the body.

Maintain Constant Use of Your Compression Garments and Surgical Bras

To keep the affected body part in place while it adjusts to the new changes, surgical bras and compression garments are frequently worn. Doctors may advise wearing these garments all the time to optimize the benefits of the procedure, depending on the degree of the body’s changes.

Always Be Mindful of Procedure-Specific Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare is primarily completed at home. For the purpose of preventing unintended complications, it is imperative that you keep your doctor informed and pay close attention to the aftercare instructions.

Drink Water

Maintaining optimal physical performance requires adequate hydration. Water consumption can have a major positive impact on your body during the recovery phase after plastic surgery.

Follow Your Scheduled Post-Op Appointments

Your surgeon must closely monitor your healing following surgery in order to evaluate and assist you during the process.

Continue to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Continuity is essential. It is for this reason that following surgery, leading a healthy lifestyle is recommended. Eating foods high in vegetables and lean protein can help the body heal itself.

Allow Yourself to Gradually Return to Your Normal Routine

One of the most important things you can do to resume your regular activities as soon as possible is to give your wounds the proper amount of time to heal. You may progressively resume your activities as part of your daily schedule as soon as your physical condition improves.

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