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Medical Massage Therapy: Why and When You Should Use It

Medical Massage Therapy: Why and When You Should Use It

Should I Get a Medical Massage?

Have you ever had the impression that your body need more than a treatment or medication to return to its ideal state? Do you believe treating the symptoms is more important than solving the fundamental issue? If so, you might wish to try out medical massage treatment.

Most of us are aware that getting a massage can help our body decompress and release tension for a certain amount of time. Less well recognized is the fact that massage treatment can help rule out some medical conditions.

Medical massage therapy is provided by trained personnel in a clinic or hospital. It seeks to identify trouble spots in your body and provide you with long-term solutions for them. Let’s take an example where you have been experiencing severe pain in your body and are unable to relieve it with medication. Then, a therapeutic massage could be quite beneficial. Read on to find out more about medical massage treatment and whether it’s OK to use it for long-term difficulties.

What Is Medical Massage Therapy?

Long-term pain management or managing a health issue is not easy. To get rid of any disruption that could be bothering your body, you therefore need a specific plan and remedy. And you might want to try medical massage therapy services New Orleans for that.

This therapy is often included in a treatment plan that is created in accordance with the illness and physician’s diagnosis. Depending on their age, gender, and underlying medical issues, medical massage therapy can differ for each patient.

The many therapeutic techniques used in medical massage treatment target the tendons, tissues, muscles, and ligaments in your body. All of your body’s supporting and moving parts are addressed by this therapy, to put it briefly.

A medical massage’s ability to target the trouble spot rather than your complete body is one of its best features. It incorporates a range of massage techniques to complement your therapy. Depending on how serious your ailment is, massage therapists can execute various techniques that target different medical conditions for thirty to an hour per session.

How Is Medical Massage Therapy Different From a Traditional Spa Massage?

Regretfully, a lot of people choose a medical massage over a spa visit to relieve their aching muscles since they don’t know the differences between the two. The fact is, though, that they are very different from one another.

Medical Massage Therapy Is Outcome-based

Similar to a spa massage, a medical massage can help you relax and relieve stress. Furthermore, it also satisfies a patient’s medical needs. A medical massage, as previously said, is intended to treat specific areas of discomfort. Furthermore, it facilitates better digestion, flexibility, and circulation. Additionally, the massage addresses a number of health issues and releases pressure from your nerves. A medical massage can be described as an all-around therapy. It guarantees that your body takes a vacation from all of its health problems and resumes its previous level of excellent functioning.

Designed to Target Needs

Medical massage treatment helps to target all of your needs through a variety of techniques. A spa massage employs different techniques than a medical massage. For example, the main goal of a spa massage is to provide you with immediate relaxation. However, a medical massage makes use of techniques that support the health and recuperation of muscles.

Comes With a Follow-up Plan

You should not undervalue the treatment of a medical massage. You can occasionally schedule a spa massage and wait months to schedule another one. However, in order to get the most out of medical massage therapy, you will receive a follow-up plan from the practitioner that you should adhere to. Each patient has a customized targeted strategy that includes the number of visits needed for the course of treatment to be successful.

A Spa Therapist’s Focus Isn’t on Medical Massage

And last, let’s say you think you can go to a spa and ask for a medical massage from the staff. Most of the time, you might not be where you should be. A spa therapist could be well-versed in general massage methods. Even so, their level of expertise might not match that of a massage therapist who specializes in treating medical issues. However, a therapist with expertise in medical massage therapy has the training and credentials necessary to carry out this work effectively. Advanced techniques and attention to detail are necessary in a medical massage. Therefore, if you’re looking for medical massage therapy, you should only speak with a specialist.

Why You Should Use Medical Massage Therapy

Here are some reasons that may convince you to get a medical massage:

Heals Repetitive Stress Injuries

One of the main benefits of a medical massage is that it allows you to heal from previous injuries you may suffer when standing or sitting for a long time. In addition, it ensures correct posture so you can save your body from further pains.

Treats Migraines

A medical massage might be able to permanently eliminate your migraines if you experience them on a regular basis. Effectiveness is increased when the head and neck are massaged properly. To put it simply, it releases the muscles that could otherwise cause pain, offering immediate relief from persistent headaches.

Treats Whiplash

A strong forward or backward bend of the neck can result in whiplash, a neck injury. Typically, the muscles, discs, and nerves in your neck are impacted by this injury. Medical massage treatment is one of the various approaches to treating this issue. A massage therapist restores joint flexibility and balances muscle tone with a variety of treatments. The goal of the therapy is to make the patient feel as pain-free as possible if it is applied consistently.

Heals Sprains and Strains

After an accident or treatment, we frequently experience inflammation. Drugs aid in the reduction of inflammation, however all of this leads to more sprains and strains. A medical massage comes to the rescue in that situation. In order to assist produce new tissues and provide pain relief, a massage boosts blood flow, which starts a quick healing and rehabilitation process.

Eliminates Post-surgery Scar Tissue

Many people have lumpy, unsightly scar tissue after surgery or an injury. It can become an inextricable part of your life if left unchecked. Consequently, it is essential to utilize medical massage to break down the tissue and restore its natural structure, but you should only do so with your doctor’s permission.

Treats Muscle Disorders

Muscle issues can be treated with a deep tissue massage. In order to target your inner tissues and release the tension trapped in your muscles, the technique uses strokes and pressure. However, once more, it is best to speak with your doctor before seeing a therapist if your problem is too severe.

Massage therapy might provide results for as long as one month. Still, the majority of people might find that the benefits wear off after a week. For this reason, it is imperative that you have massages on a regular basis and in accordance with professional guidance.

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