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How Can Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help After Facelift Surgery?

How Can Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help After Facelift Surgery?

It’s no secret that deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a big step. 

While plastic surgery allows men and women to achieve the physical appearance they desire, there are numerous complicated aspects to the procedure that must be considered.

Not only must you be prepared for the procedure itself, including anesthesia and incisions, but you must also be prepared for what happens afterward: the recovery period.

While recovery times vary by patient and procedure type, many aspects of recovery are shared by all surgical procedures, such as feeling tired and sore after your procedure and having some bruising and swelling.


Fluid buildup after surgery, including facelift surgery, is a common response to the body. With over 234,000 facelift procedures performed in 2020, it is critical that you are one of the patients who recovers without complications. Because the fluid contains toxins and other harmful substances, it can prolong your recovery and possibly lead to complications. This is why it’s a good idea to deal with the fluid buildup and swelling directly.


A lymphatic drainage massage is one of the most effective and efficient ways of dealing with these issues.

Why Do We Have Swelling?

Swelling is a good sign that your body is healing; however, it can lengthen your recovery time.


Thousands of blood cells are sent to the surgery site to begin the healing process as the body begins to heal after surgery. This increase in active blood cells, combined with the damage to lymph vessels and tissue during surgery, results in the production of a clear fluid (lymphatic fluid), which increases the amount of swelling we experience.


While this fluid buildup is simply your body’s response to healing, it can cause complications during your recovery.


A lymphatic drainage massage can directly address this swelling to expedite your recovery while also ensuring your health and safety.

What Is A Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

After a facelift, a manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage can help reduce swelling caused by lymphatic fluid buildup. It also lowers the risk of complications (such as fibrosis and seroma) while hastening your recovery.


A MLD massage encourages the movement of lymphatic fluid that has accumulated in a surgical area. The massage actively pushes fluid back into the lymphatic system, causing toxins to leave the surgical site. A lymphatic massage after facelift USA is not a deep-tissue massage; it is a light massage in which light pressure and rotating motions are applied to the surgical area.


After this massage, you should notice less swelling and inflammation, which will relieve pressure on your incisions. When this occurs, you should recover more quickly and completely, with a lower risk of infection and other complications.

How Do I Know If I Need A Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Dr. Tiffiny C. Taylor will be able to tell you whether an MLD massage will be beneficial to you during your facelift follow-up appointment.


It is important to note that a lymphatic drainage massage is not necessary for every patient; however, if you are experiencing excessive swelling due to lymphatic fluid buildup, Dr. Tiffiny C. Taylor will recommend the treatment. It is also critical to recognize that an MLD massage is not a one-time treatment. For best results, multiple massage treatments will be required.


Dr. Tiffiny C. Taylor will be able to tell you the number and frequency of massages you will require if they are recommended.

Do You Have Any Questions About Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

If you live in the Citrus Blvd, New Orleans, area, have undergone a facelift or any other plastic surgery procedure, and are interested in whether a MLD massage can help your recovery, call the friendly reception team at Cynosure Care today at 504-202-8183 or fill out our contact form here.

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