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Sports Massage

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Sports Massage

Whether you’re a recreational or competitive runner, getting a sports massage is a simple way to help prevent and relieve aches and pains.

A sports massage services New Orleans can help you feel better and be more able to train, so even though the scientific benefits and effectiveness of these treatments—such as a decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), reduced stress, better sleep, and increased flexibility—remain debatable (many scientific reviews claim that massages have no effect on sporting performance and recovery, while others say they can help with DOMS and increased flexibility).

Why should runners get a sports massage?

Sports massage is only one part of an all-encompassing strategy for running, according to Tiffiny. Along with a customized running schedule, this also entails a suitable strength program, mobility exercises, active rest, proper nutrition, and hydration.

What are the benefits of getting a sports massage?

  • Improved muscle recovery

The muscles are under a lot of stress when running, which can cause microtears and an accumulation of waste products from metabolism. In addition to improving blood and lymphatic circulation and easing muscle soreness, sports massage can facilitate the delivery of nutrients and oxygen that are necessary for repair, according to Tiffiny.

  • It can help prevent injury

Frequent sports massages can assist in locating possible tense or weak spots in the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, and ligaments). Early intervention can help both with improving muscle mechanics and preventing the development of an injury, according to Tiffiny.

  • Enhanced performance

Researchers found that sports massage may affect performance when it is administered at the point of muscle fatigue, essentially serving as a recovery technique, in a 2016 study that examined the effects of massage on bodybuilders’ performance.

Increased stride length, better running economy, and enhanced running efficiency can all be impacted by improved muscle repair. Better race times and overall performance follow from that, according to Tiffiny.

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