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Benefits of Lymphatic Massage After Facelift Surgery

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage After Facelift Surgery

Adults who wish to address different indications of aging still frequently choose facelift surgery as their treatment option. Facelift procedures have developed along with medical advancements. In addition, they have grown more sophisticated and traditional. A facelift used to be obvious from a distance. Well, so it might just be a few feet, but you get the point. “Windblown” was the word used to characterize the results of the usual lymphatic massage after facelift; a person who has undergone a facelift typically looked taut or shocked. Not any longer.

A board-certified ophthalmologist and surgeon who trained with some of the most reputable oculoplastic and cosmetic doctors in New Orleans will provide thoughtful care to patients. Aiming for natural beauty,
Dr. Tiffiny C. Taylor does mid-face lift treatments with meticulous attention to detail. To help patients heal as quickly as possible, our office also provides facial lymphatic massage facelift services.

Massage after a facelift helps with:

  • Naturally, there will be some postoperative discomfort and tenderness due to the tissue manipulation involved in a facelift. A lymphatic facial’s soft upward massage strokes block the pain receptors that tell the brain what discomfort is. Additionally, massage promotes circulation through tissues that are mending, which lessens pain.

  • Moving lymph, a transparent fluid that is stored in bodily tissues, is the main goal of lymphatic massage. Our unique massage technique helps facilitate faster edema dissipation by removing lymph and fluid from facial tissues.

  • Massage around surgical incisions can help soften skin, boost immunity, prevent tissue accumulation and thickening, and improve healing after incisions have closed and stitches have been taken out or dissolved. While scarring is not a common aftereffect of surgery, it is usually a relatively small and discrete incision made during a mid-face lift.

  • Time for recovery. Very little force is applied to the tissue during lymphatic massage. However, lymphatic massage keeps toxins and acids from accumulating in healing tissue by promoting circulation and fluid movement. Enhanced blood flow also provides the tissues with the most oxygen possible, accelerating the healing process.

Generally, lymphatic massage is not permitted until the patient’s surgeon has given the all-clear. The entire process can be scheduled because we provide this massage in our actual office.

Find out more about our lymphatic massage therapy and facelift surgery, which can help promote healing. Contact (504) 202-8183

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